Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007

Sixteen Again

The Buzzcocks' Peel session album is basically something you don't actually need because you already have the early stuff with Howard Devoto, the Product box set and some live recordings and that's already more Buzzcocks you probably need but you grab it anyway because hey, it's Peel sessions. Well, actually, there are pretty nice tracks on it, even though most don't differ much from the album or singles versions; I give you Sixteen Again, where Shelley's voice sounds clearer and somewhat younger than on Love Bites. Enjoy.

Download Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (peel session, 18-10-1978) (224 kbps, 5,26 mb)

(I couldn't find any opportunity to buy the album on the internet, but it was released by Dutch East India Trading which means it's RIAA-free.)

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