Sonntag, 18. Februar 2007

Aki Takase & Maria João

Another great jazz concert recording, this time piano/voice by Maria João and Aki Takase. Amazing set. The two swing back and forth between harmonical and atonal cascades, playing very well together. Good stuff, good stuff.

Download Aki Takase & Maria João - My Favorite Things (224 kbps, 13,7 mb)

Download Aki Takase & Maria João - Confirmation/Donna Lee/Au Privave (224 kbps, 14,9 mb)
Download Aki Takase & Maria João - Watashi No Obakasan (224 kbps, 6,55 mb)
Buy Aki Takase & Maria João - Looking For Love from (or better yet, from somewhere else, I just couldn't find any other place you can buy that. Once again, help with that would be appreciated).

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