Montag, 12. Februar 2007

Hi there.

So, this is Antificial 2.0, all-new and not yet at all done with the links etc. Some might remember Antificial Radio Weblog, which is now not only abandoned but also spammed to the top with all kinds of trash links, you can go try them if you wish. Because of that and because of the time gap between the last posting there and NOW RIGHT NOW I didn't want to continue writing in there.

So, what's the matter? Why such a long time in which no posts have been written and mp3blogging was comletely off the schedule? Well, basically, I don't really like writing about music. I do, however, like sharing music with others and so while I can't promise continuity, regularity or "reviews" (I am not a music journalist and do not want to be one), I guess I can promise that the mp3s I'll put out here will stay on line for at least a week. Isn't that something? I think it's the main thing about mp3blogging. Mp3s.

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