Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Down by law

Just listened to the sampler "Angola Prisoners' Blues", recorded in the 50s in Louisiana by one Dr. Harry Oster, folklorist. It's a mix of improvised blues songs, traditional tunes and a story of a jail strike told at the end, all sung and spoken by the convicts. Blues straight from the bottom, almost surprisingly beautifully performed; oh well, just listen to Odea Mathews accompanied solely by her sewing machine or Robert Pete Williams in his spoken threnody before he breaks into song. Astonishing record. I put out three tracks for you. Amazing. Listen to it.

Download Robert Pete Williams - Prisoner's Talking Blues (192 kbps, 7,08 mb)
Download Odea Mathews - The Moon is Rising (192 kbps, 2,65 mb)
Download Roosevelt Charles, Otis Webster - Have You Ever Heard the Church Bells Tone (192 kbps, 2,57 mb)
Buy Angola Prisoners' Blues from Arhoolie (RIAA-free!)

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