Samstag, 17. Februar 2007

Perverted by Lennon or what?!

Is there anything more perverted than The Fall covering the Beatles? Maybe the Stooges covering the Beatles? Or Pere Ubu covering the Beatles? People having sex with mincemeat? Yes, there are many perversions. Still, I think this is a little bit pretty twisted.

So does Mark E. Smith like or hate the Beatles? I, honestly, do not know; I seemed to remember having once seen an interview where he talked about them, but couldn't manage to find it when I searched Google. Although a member at the unofficial Fall site's forum seems to think he hated them. I tend to think so, too; so why the cover version? I don't know. So, there you go.

Download The Fall - A Day In the Life (256 kbps, 8,02 mb)

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