Montag, 12. Februar 2007

This is Alessandro Bosetti, bitch.

Say, have you heard of Alessandro Bosetti? Of course you have. If you haven't, you should have. You should definitely listen to him that's for sure. Whether this still counts as jazz is hard to tell, but who cares anyway. Bosetti describes himself as a "composer, sound artist, saxophonist" on his website, and today I'm giving you two tracks, one solo from "Zona", the first album I've ever heard of him; it was on a morning I remember. You should give "Zona" a listen in its entirety on a morning, it's a very special experience. Hell, just listen to the track first and maybe you'll see what approximately I could mean. The second one's from "Oreledigneur", a collaboration with Renato Rinaldi and Guiseppe Ielasi (not to be confused with the same-titled duo album by Rinaldi/Ielasi) which sort of gives you the impression the music played around and in your head. Full-blown avantgarde for you, good appetite.

Download Alessandro Bosetti - Zona, Track 1 (256 kbps, 23,3 mb)
Alessandro Bosetti - Zona on Grob's website
How to buy Zona (RIAA-free!).

Download Renato Rinaldi, Guiseppe Ielasi, Alessandro Bosetti - Oreledigneur, Track 1 (192 kbps, 7,26 mb)
(I have no idea how to buy Oreledigneur from anywhere so if anyone could help it would be appreciated).

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