Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007

Sixteen Again

The Buzzcocks' Peel session album is basically something you don't actually need because you already have the early stuff with Howard Devoto, the Product box set and some live recordings and that's already more Buzzcocks you probably need but you grab it anyway because hey, it's Peel sessions. Well, actually, there are pretty nice tracks on it, even though most don't differ much from the album or singles versions; I give you Sixteen Again, where Shelley's voice sounds clearer and somewhat younger than on Love Bites. Enjoy.

Download Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (peel session, 18-10-1978) (224 kbps, 5,26 mb)

(I couldn't find any opportunity to buy the album on the internet, but it was released by Dutch East India Trading which means it's RIAA-free.)

Montag, 26. Februar 2007


The singing saw, also known as the musical saw, is basically a wood-cutting saw or so, played with a bow and very reminiscent of the theremin in its sound. Now, the singing saw was basically nothing so much new in the 1920s when Sam Moore played it; still, this has its place in the history of early 20th century musical experiments and the sound of the saw to the accompaniment of a Hawaiian guitar is quite lovely. Laughing Rag, besides, sounds sort of like Hawaiian ragtime. Again, Japan-based Em Records released a compilation of Moore's recordings and here are three tracks from it.

Download Sam Moore - Old Black Joe (192 kbps, 3,82 mb)
Download Sam Moore - Laughing Rag (192 kbps, 4,04 mb)
Download Sam Moore - Mother Machree (alternate version) (192 kbps, 4,21 mb)
Buy Sam Moore - Moooohieee! - musical saw and Hawaiian guitar soli recorded in early 1920s from Em Records or Dusty Groove America (RIAA-free!)

Sonntag, 25. Februar 2007

Alan Silva

Alan Silva, a multi-instrumentalist who played with Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor and others, is also known for his recordings as a band leader. "Skillfullnesses", apparently also known as the self-titled record, features Silva on violin and cello; it's a two-piece album with some very fine moments to it. Here you go with the first track.

Download Alan Silva - Skillfullnesses (VBR, 35,6 mb)
Buy Alan Silva - Skillfullnesses from ESP Disk (RIAA-free!)

Sebastien Tellier

Released in 2006, Sebastien Tellier's Sessions shows that he, in fact, is still active and makes for a nice set of alternate versions, even though the studio albums are stronger. Lots of the songs selected for the piano, synth, bass & vocals treatment were already arranged with a piano as a foreground instrument on the albums; there are exceptions, however, and it is kind of fun listening to the pseudo-Spanish League Chicanos sung like a heartrending ballad. Sadly, the record gets sort of boring if listened to entirely, since the same formula is being applied to almost every track. However, the last one, Classic, is an entirely new track, held quite recognizably in the style of Tellier's first album, L'Incroyable Vérité, employing no drum machines but instead piano and synth and creating a darker feeling than on Politics. Very nice stuff. I've read rumors somewhere that a new album is expected in 2007; hopefully, this is true. Enjoy Broadway and Classic from Sessions.

Download Sebastien Tellier - Broadway (192 kbps, 5,95 mb)
Download Sebastien Tellier - Classic (192 kbps, 3,76 mb)
Buy Sessions from CDUniverse (RIAA-free!)

Samstag, 24. Februar 2007

Trans Am

Trans Am released a brand new album this week entitled Sex Change. A mixture of retro-synths, krautrockish rhythms, sometimes heavy guitars and light pop harmonies, which probably inspired their often-claimed affiliation with the blurrish "genre" of post-rock. It's quite a fine record; I give you two tracks that, apart from the pop-melodic guitar parts, sound so much like NEU! it's suspicious.

Download Trans Am - 4,738 Regrets (VBR, 7,36 mb)
Download Trans Am - Reprieve (VBR, 7,20 mb)
Buy Trans Am - Sex Change from Thrill Jockey (RIAA-free!)

Zvuki Mu

Art rockers Zvuki Mu and Pyotr Mamonov sure had their moments. They have gained unterground notoriety in Russia and at the end of the 80s they shortly attracted attention of the western audience along with other groups in what is called the "Russian Revolution" or the "Red Wave" and what is so much hated by me for exotism and stupid clichés; however, a self-titled album was produced and released by Brian Eno which, by the way, didn't turn out that remarkable at all (almost seems be a rule for late-80s Russian stuff recorded in the US or western Europe). But have a listen to this track here from 1992's Transnadezhnost'. A blend of art rock and post-punk primitivism; gotta love the synths and the vocals. Enjoy.

Download Zvuki Mu - Lyusya (192 kbps, 14,0 mb)
Buy Zvuki Mu - Transnadezhnost' from RussianDVD.com (RIAA-free!)

Freitag, 23. Februar 2007

With hysterical spasms of laughter

An old friend of mine once told me he wanted to make music using bird singing. Later, he gave up, saying what came out wasn't really convincing. However, as with almost all ideas of this kind, this already had been done, in this case in the 1950s by then-CBS musical director Jim Fassett. Semi-professional novelty collectors The Record Robot posted some Fassett stuff earlier and thus Tony from RR is the one I heard about Fassett from. Here's what the description on Em Records' web site says:

"CD reissue of the historical 1950s LP, featuring a three-track multi-speed tape collage "Symphony" made by ONLY the nature birdsongs (it's REAL), plus regular-speed and time-stretched field recordings, and explanations from the man himself. Jim Fassett was the musical director ob CBS radios in 50s-60s, and also famous as the author of another concrete works "Strange to Your Ears" in 50s. The kinda roots of recent field recordings/drones stuffs. Totally birdsong mania!"

Totally birdsong mania indeed. Basically, what Fassett did was - so he says in the explanations - altering the pitch and speed of the field recordings on a tape machine, and although you can't expect much concrete greatness here and it's more of a case for The Record Robot, I give you the "explanatory comments" included on the CD re-issue plus the first movement of the symphony.

Download Jim Fassett - Explanatory comments (192 kbps, 8,79 mb)
Download Jim Fassett - Symphony Of the Birds, First Movement (192 kbps, 9,41 mb)
Buy the Symphony Of the Birds from Dusty Groove America or from Em Records (RIAA-free!)

Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007

Baby please don't go

We're going into late evening here, and in case you're feeling blue here's a little bit of delta blues for you. In fact, listen to it even if you're not really feeling blue. Besides, deep down in your heart you probably are. Admit it already. This is "American Primitivism", as John Fahey put it; in fact, Bukka White's Mississippi Blues first came out on his Takoma Label and then has been re-released by various labels numerous times since. Three tracks from it here.

Download Bukka White - Baby Please Don't Go (VBR, 6,08 mb)

Download Bukka White - Shake 'Em On Down (VBR, 4,54 mb)
Download Bukka White - I'm In the Heavenly Way (VBR, 5,01 mb)
Buy Bukka White - Mississippi Blues from CDUniverse (RIAA-free!)

The Highway Is Jammed With Broken Heroes

Sadly, Jason DiEmilio, better known as leader of and essentially The Azusa Plane, has committed suicide in the end of last year. His music, starting from space rock/ambient drone works, developed itself towards noise and free improvisation later on. Today I'm giving you "No Future", one of the two tracks off The Azusa Plane's last album, "The Highway Is Jammed With Broken Heroes": quitar "picking", joined by what seems to be equipment noises. Enjoy.

Download The Azusa Plane - No Future (192 kbps, 39,60 mb)
Buy The Azusa Plane - The Highway Is Jammed With Broken Heroes from (K-RAA-K)³ (RIAA-free!)

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2007

Idylle und Katastrophen

A real candy here, Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano, wire piano, celeste) with Sven-Åke Johansson (voice, accordion, percussion). A whole firework display of grand jazz, this recording features, among others, Derek Bailey on guitar and Paul Lovens on zither and a singing saw. Not listening to this when you get this served I shall consider a crime. Listen.

Download Alexander von Schlippenbach, Sven-Åke Johansson - Der Schornsteinfeger/Im Taubenschlag/Entfernungen (VBR, 26,5 mb)
Download Alexander von Schlippenbach, Sven-Åke Johansson - Fichtengrün und Tannengrün (VBR, 15,0 mb)
Download Alexander von Schlippenbach, Sven-Åke Johansson - Der Westwind (VBR, 6,05 mb)
(Idylle und Katastrophen was released in 1980 on Po Torch Records on LP only and has never been re-released since then. So no buy link since it seems to be long out of stock).

Lord help us, help us lose our minds

In our series of Albums Previously Overlooked by me for a long time, today we feature Talking Heads' Speaking in Tongues. To me, Talking Heads used to end with Remain In Light, most probably because the monumental The Name Of This Band Is didn't feature anything from their later efforts. So I felt like Remain In Light was a pretty perfect swan song and never really cared for what came after that.

In fact, though, the successor doesn't just consist of the band's probably biggest hit, "Burning Down the House", but instead delivers just the nerdy funk that you know from TH. I give you "Slippery People" (which sounds suspiciously close to "Houses in Motion" off the predecessor album) and This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody), which is just that - by the way, even it wasn't meant that way, I can't help but understand the lines "and you love me 'till my heart stops / love me 'till I'm dead" as an expression not of eternal devotion but rather of some kind of happy torture. But I guess this is what a lot of TH is about anyway.

Download Talking Heads - Slippery People (VBR, 7,30 mb)
Download Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (VBR, 6,92 mb)
Buy Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues from CDUniverse (WARNING!! Warner Bros. is a member of the RIAA. If you don't know what that is, read on them before you consider buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).

And while we're at it, here are three tracks from a great live bootleg from 1983.

Download Talking Heads - Heaven (live) (320 kbps, 9,52 mb)
Download Talking Heads - Slippery People (live) (320 kbps, 12,50 mb)
Download Talking Heads - Crosseyed and Painless (live) (320 kbps, 16,30 mb)
(These live versions are taken off a bottleg which you can download entirely from Dimeadozen.org. The time and place are 08-05-1983, Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA).

Mongoloid once again

The Mongoloid post has been updated to now include Nouvelle Vague's sort of-rare cover version.

Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007


I hadn't really listened to Laibach for quite some time before I read on Said the Gramophone that a new album had been released in 2006. "Volk" consists solely of Laibach's versions of various national hymns plus the NSK hymn, which Said the Gramophone posted (be sure to pick that one up); it's more quiet than the previous records and better than WAT but still, Laibach aren't really discovering subtlety in their "messages", which thing they seem to have. I'm giving you two other tracks from the album.

Download Laibach - Germania (VBR, 5,49 mb)
Download Laibach - America (VBR, 6,86 mb)
Buy Laibach - Volk from Mute (Warning!! Mute belongs to EMI, which is a member of the RIAA. If you do not know what that is, read on them before you consider buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).

One chromosome too many

Devo tend to be sadly overlooked by journalists attempting to write popular music history. Which is weird. But there you go, and what I give you here is "Mongoloid", which by the way was a personal hymn of mine about 1,5 years ago. (SO MUCH TIME PASSED ALREADY?! What the hell?) Plus cover versions by psychobilly maniacs Demented Are Go! and Popchor Berlin (site's in German only) - the latter really gives the whole thing an apocalyptic touch. Plus be sure to go to Music for Maniacs and download Popchor Berlin's non-a capella cover. Plus the French cover band Nouvelle Vague with their version which I do not like at all, as I dislike Nouvelle Vague (I just don't get what is supposed to be so great or even funny about them), but since there has been a special request, here you go.

Download Devo - Mongoloid (256 kbps, 6,84 mb)
Buy Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! from CDUniverse (WARNING!! Warner Bros. is a member of the RIAA. If you don't know what that is, read on them before you consider buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).

Download Devo - Mongoloid (demo version) (256 kbps, 6,58 mb)

(It's from the "Hardcore Devo" collection. Didn't find any buy options for this, however, it had been released by RykoDisc, which is a member of the RIAA.)

Download Demented Are Go! - Mongoloid (128 kbps, 2,70 mb)
(It's from the "Who Put Grandma Under the Stairs?" live album. Didn't find any buy options for this either, but it's RIAA-free.)

Download Popchor Berlin - Mongoloid (a capella) (192 kbps, 2,51 mb)

Buy Popchor Berlin - Maxi #1 from Amazon.de (RIAA-free!)

Download Nouvelle Vague - Mongoloid (320 kbps, 3,61 mb)
(This version was recorded on the 01.06.2004 at a France Inter radio session which doesn't seem to be available for purchase. It's called the White Session).

"It's something like a porno bar mitzvah"

Glam prophet and former Antichrist Bobby Conn is here with an all-new album and although he, quite obviously, has always thought big, this time he's outdone himself, shooting a full-blown rock opera with Usama Alshaibi to the record.

"I am producing a full-length song-by-song video to accompany the record. The look of the video is inspired by 70’s era soap operas; we are using a very old tube video camera and shooting everything on very simple theatrical sets." (Thrill Jockey interview)

The album itself is, quite logically, a bit less song-oriented than The Homeland, but the stuff you know from the previous records, it's all there: sermons of something between a wild party and a religious sect, Conn's unmistakable voice and music which is seemingly so stylistically bad you start questioning your thought-of-as-good taste because you like it so much. Just listen, will you.

Download Bobby Conn - When the Money's Gone (320 kbps, 8,76 mb)
Download Bobby Conn - Anybody (320 kbps, 8,45 mb)
Watch the King for a Day promo and other videos from the upcoming rock opera on MySpace
Buy "King for a Day" from Thrill Jockey (RIAA-free!)

Montag, 19. Februar 2007


Milford Graves is one of the better-known yet rarely-recorded jazz drummers, having played with Albert Ayler or John Tchicai in the New York Art Quartet. From sometime in the nineties on, he also played with John Zorn; the latter released Graves' albums on Tzadik. I'm giving you three tracks off the first album of Zorn's label, a recording of over an hour of awesome drumming plus a bit of vocals in the background, ending with the fading, hypnotic "Transcendence".

Download Milford Graves - Transcriptions (192 kbps, 7,36 mb)
Download Milford Graves - Know Your Place (192 kbps, 7,44 mb)
Download Milford Graves - Transcendence (192 kbps, 5,24 mb)
Buy Milford Graves - Grand Unification from Tzadik (RIAA-free!)

Sonntag, 18. Februar 2007

Aki Takase & Maria João

Another great jazz concert recording, this time piano/voice by Maria João and Aki Takase. Amazing set. The two swing back and forth between harmonical and atonal cascades, playing very well together. Good stuff, good stuff.

Download Aki Takase & Maria João - My Favorite Things (224 kbps, 13,7 mb)

Download Aki Takase & Maria João - Confirmation/Donna Lee/Au Privave (224 kbps, 14,9 mb)
Download Aki Takase & Maria João - Watashi No Obakasan (224 kbps, 6,55 mb)
Buy Aki Takase & Maria João - Looking For Love from Amazon.de (or better yet, from somewhere else, I just couldn't find any other place you can buy that. Once again, help with that would be appreciated).

Blue Zoo

Recording of a great concert in Zürich, 1996, with the incredible Borah Bergman on piano, which sometimes rumbles, sometimes flows here, and Peter Brötzmann and Thomas Borgmann on two saxophones, playing very differently and interacting with each other in a beautiful and intense way. Hear for yourself.

Download Borah Bergman, Thomas Borgmann, Peter Brötzmann - Right Now Is As Good As Any Time (256 kbps, 18,5 mb)

Buy Borah Bergman, Thomas Borgmann, Peter Brötzmann - Blue Zoo from Konnex (RIAA-free!)

Samstag, 17. Februar 2007

Perverted by Lennon or what?!

Is there anything more perverted than The Fall covering the Beatles? Maybe the Stooges covering the Beatles? Or Pere Ubu covering the Beatles? People having sex with mincemeat? Yes, there are many perversions. Still, I think this is a little bit pretty twisted.

So does Mark E. Smith like or hate the Beatles? I, honestly, do not know; I seemed to remember having once seen an interview where he talked about them, but couldn't manage to find it when I searched Google. Although a member at the unofficial Fall site's forum seems to think he hated them. I tend to think so, too; so why the cover version? I don't know. So, there you go.

Download The Fall - A Day In the Life (256 kbps, 8,02 mb)

About the weather... again

Magazine's last album, Magic, Murder and the Weather, is a largely overlooked effort, and after having listened to it for the first time, I must say that is not without reason. The majority of the album sounds rather uninspired, and although I normally am absolutely not the guy who complains about bad production, here it lets the record sound flat and without energy. Still, it has its moments where the songs almost reach up to the level of their earlier records. And so, without further ado, I give you two songs from the band of the man whom Momus called "the most important man alive":

Download Magazine - About the Weather (224 kbps, 6,58 mb)
Download Magazine - Vigilance (224 kbps, 8,42 mb)
Buy Magic, Murder And the Weather from CDUniverse (Warning!! EMI Gold is a member of the RIAA group. In case you do not know what that is, read on them before you think of buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).

Black Ships Eat the Sky

So, a newly mixed version of Current 93's latest labum, Black Ships Ate the Sky, has been released in December of last year, named the same except for the tense. In case you didn't have any idea they had this album, "Black Ships Ate the Sky" is probably the "lightest" thing Current 93 have ever done.

The new version didn't seem to sound THAT very different from the "standard" version to me on large parts (it does sound different, but the Durtro site said "this is an absolutely ALTERNATIVE version of the BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY album" - accentuation left, etc.), but then again, I haven't listened to the whole thing yet so it might very well be so. Anyway, some tracks do sound very elsewise and on the whole, it really has a more "acoustic" touch to it. Enjoy and don't get confused over the version numbers of "Why Caesar Is Burning", they put part I on the alternate version.

Download Current 93 - The Dissolution Of the Boat "Millions of Years" (192 kbps, 5,49 mb)
Download Current 93 - Why Caesar Is Burning, pt. II (192 kbps, 3,90 mb)
Buy Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky (North American edition) from Durtro (RIAA-free!)
Buy Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky (European edition) from Durtro (RIAA-free!)

Download Current 93 - The Dissolution Of the Boat "Millions of Years" (192 kbps, 5,13 mb)

Download Current 93 - Why Caesar Is Burning, pt. I (192 kbps, 3,87 mb)
Buy Current 93 - Black Ships Eat the Sky from Durtro (RIAA-free!)

Freitag, 16. Februar 2007

Mountains and Rivers

Following yesterday's entry about Auktyon, here is a track made by band leader Leonid Fyodorov, keyboardist Dmitriy Ozerskiy, some guy called Voloshin and poet Anri (Henri?) Volohonskiy which is completely different from Auktyon. Although Fyodorov does sing the melody used in "O Pogode" without lyrics. Much rather, though, this is a piece of experimental ambient music with Volohonskiy's breaking voice seemingly recorded on some cheap device and blending with the sounds in the background. Beautiful and haunting from the beginning to the end.

I'm posting the title track.

Download Volohonskiy, Fyodorov, Ozerskiy, Voloshin - Gory i Reki (Mountains and Rivers) (256 kbps, 28,7 mb)

Buy Gory i Reki from RussianDVD.com (RIAA-free!)

Just for laughs

This is an older one I think, but if you don't know it yet, check out this cover version of Europe's "Final Countdown", my personal Second Most Awful Song of the 20th Century, on YouTube. Wait until the vocals kick in.

Globe Unity Orchestra & Guests

A mind-blowing 24:45 improvisation. Alexander von Schlippenbach, Peter Brötzmann, Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker... The first sounds feels like they were scratching on the outside of your skull, attempting to get in.

Download Globe Unity Orchestra & Guests - Every Single One Of Us Is a Pearl (192 kbps, 34,0 mb)
FMP doesn't seem to list the LP anymore and apparently, there never was a re-release on CD. Now, that's a gap. So there you go, no buy link. If some of you folks want it, maybe I'll be able to upload the whole LP.

Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2007


I don't think I'd ever written about this band in my previous blog. What do they do? Art rock? I'm not sure. What is art rock, anyway? Auktyon, however, sound just a little bit like Tuxedomoon mixed with the local mental home's rock band. Their new album - the first "regular" studio album in about 14 years - is due in April and is participated in by Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits guitarist Marc Ribot, avant-garde saxophonist (and not only) Ned Rothenberg, John Medeski, klezmerdude Frank London and kontrabassist Vladimir Volkov, who played with Sergey Kuryokhin and many others and has collaborated with band leader Leonid Fyodorov (website's in Russian only) on a number of other recordings. What I am giving you today is two tracks from the 2002 release Eto Mama (It's Mum), "Fa-Fa (Eto Mama)" and "O Pogode" ("About the Weather"). The record was a pseudo-live collection of older songs and a couple of newer ones, not just capturing the distinct live sound of the band which developed over the years but also putting lots of songs in a newer musical perspective, employing more wind instruments etc. Plus you get a track from the forthcoming album where you can hear Ribot and Volkov alright, called "Zhdat'" ("Wait"); this track came up somewhere on the net a couple of weeks ago and I'm not sure whether it's the final version, but it's a fine teaser. The quality of all three files is 128 kbps, pitifully, but there you go. Enjoy.

Download Auktyon - Fa-Fa (Eto Mama) (128 kbps, 8,78 mb)
Download Auktyon - O Pogode (128 kbps, 5,39 mb)
I don't know where you can buy "Eto Mama" outside Russia, but it was released by Misteriya Publishing, which is part of Misteriya Zvuka, who have the distribution rights to Sony BMG Russia's production. They also have a "Sony BMG top 50" on their site. So be careful there, you know, what with the RIAA and stuff.

Download Auktyon - Zhdat' (128 kbps, 3,44 mb)
Stand by at the official english site to buy the album when it's released.

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Down by law

Just listened to the sampler "Angola Prisoners' Blues", recorded in the 50s in Louisiana by one Dr. Harry Oster, folklorist. It's a mix of improvised blues songs, traditional tunes and a story of a jail strike told at the end, all sung and spoken by the convicts. Blues straight from the bottom, almost surprisingly beautifully performed; oh well, just listen to Odea Mathews accompanied solely by her sewing machine or Robert Pete Williams in his spoken threnody before he breaks into song. Astonishing record. I put out three tracks for you. Amazing. Listen to it.

Download Robert Pete Williams - Prisoner's Talking Blues (192 kbps, 7,08 mb)
Download Odea Mathews - The Moon is Rising (192 kbps, 2,65 mb)
Download Roosevelt Charles, Otis Webster - Have You Ever Heard the Church Bells Tone (192 kbps, 2,57 mb)
Buy Angola Prisoners' Blues from Arhoolie (RIAA-free!)

Reformation! Post-TLC

Speaking of The Fall, you should have heard that they have a new album out. Reformation! Post-TLC is already out in the UK, not yet out in the US (the US version is going to be different from the UK). For all of you out there who have no idea who The Fall are, imagine a weird mix of krautrock, rockabilly and post-punk plus a guy called Mark E. Smith, mostly in a very bad mood and making a sort of drunken appearance, more speaking than singing the often mixed-up, insanely poetic lyrics.

Add the John Peel description if you like, which says The Fall are "always different, always the same." Or better yet, listen to the song off the new album I'm giving you today.

Download The Fall - Reformation! (192 kbps, 10,1 mb)
Buy the UK version of The Fall - Reformation! Post-TLC from CD WOW! (Warning!! Slogan Records is a label of the Sanctuary Records Group, which is a member of the RIAA. If case you do not know what that is, read on them before you think of buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).
Preorder the US version from Narnack Records (RIAA-free it seems).

Montag, 12. Februar 2007

Bill is dead.

So, I didn't know Mogwai did a Fall cover until just recently when I found one. It does seem to be unofficial and more of a demo version or just jerking around but it's sort of fun to listen to Mogwai play a Fall song, so there you go.

Download Mogwai - Bill is Dead (128 kbps, 3,34 mb)

Download The Fall - Bill is Dead (192 kbps, 6,42 mb)
Buy The Fall - Extricate from CDUniverse (or even better from somewhere else) (RIAA-free, as it seems, but better doublecheck).

This is Alessandro Bosetti, bitch.

Say, have you heard of Alessandro Bosetti? Of course you have. If you haven't, you should have. You should definitely listen to him that's for sure. Whether this still counts as jazz is hard to tell, but who cares anyway. Bosetti describes himself as a "composer, sound artist, saxophonist" on his website, and today I'm giving you two tracks, one solo from "Zona", the first album I've ever heard of him; it was on a morning I remember. You should give "Zona" a listen in its entirety on a morning, it's a very special experience. Hell, just listen to the track first and maybe you'll see what approximately I could mean. The second one's from "Oreledigneur", a collaboration with Renato Rinaldi and Guiseppe Ielasi (not to be confused with the same-titled duo album by Rinaldi/Ielasi) which sort of gives you the impression the music played around and in your head. Full-blown avantgarde for you, good appetite.

Download Alessandro Bosetti - Zona, Track 1 (256 kbps, 23,3 mb)
Alessandro Bosetti - Zona on Grob's website
How to buy Zona (RIAA-free!).

Download Renato Rinaldi, Guiseppe Ielasi, Alessandro Bosetti - Oreledigneur, Track 1 (192 kbps, 7,26 mb)
(I have no idea how to buy Oreledigneur from anywhere so if anyone could help it would be appreciated).

Hi there.

So, this is Antificial 2.0, all-new and not yet at all done with the links etc. Some might remember Antificial Radio Weblog, which is now not only abandoned but also spammed to the top with all kinds of trash links, you can go try them if you wish. Because of that and because of the time gap between the last posting there and NOW RIGHT NOW I didn't want to continue writing in there.

So, what's the matter? Why such a long time in which no posts have been written and mp3blogging was comletely off the schedule? Well, basically, I don't really like writing about music. I do, however, like sharing music with others and so while I can't promise continuity, regularity or "reviews" (I am not a music journalist and do not want to be one), I guess I can promise that the mp3s I'll put out here will stay on line for at least a week. Isn't that something? I think it's the main thing about mp3blogging. Mp3s.