Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007

Baby please don't go

We're going into late evening here, and in case you're feeling blue here's a little bit of delta blues for you. In fact, listen to it even if you're not really feeling blue. Besides, deep down in your heart you probably are. Admit it already. This is "American Primitivism", as John Fahey put it; in fact, Bukka White's Mississippi Blues first came out on his Takoma Label and then has been re-released by various labels numerous times since. Three tracks from it here.

Download Bukka White - Baby Please Don't Go (VBR, 6,08 mb)

Download Bukka White - Shake 'Em On Down (VBR, 4,54 mb)
Download Bukka White - I'm In the Heavenly Way (VBR, 5,01 mb)
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