Montag, 26. Februar 2007


The singing saw, also known as the musical saw, is basically a wood-cutting saw or so, played with a bow and very reminiscent of the theremin in its sound. Now, the singing saw was basically nothing so much new in the 1920s when Sam Moore played it; still, this has its place in the history of early 20th century musical experiments and the sound of the saw to the accompaniment of a Hawaiian guitar is quite lovely. Laughing Rag, besides, sounds sort of like Hawaiian ragtime. Again, Japan-based Em Records released a compilation of Moore's recordings and here are three tracks from it.

Download Sam Moore - Old Black Joe (192 kbps, 3,82 mb)
Download Sam Moore - Laughing Rag (192 kbps, 4,04 mb)
Download Sam Moore - Mother Machree (alternate version) (192 kbps, 4,21 mb)
Buy Sam Moore - Moooohieee! - musical saw and Hawaiian guitar soli recorded in early 1920s from Em Records or Dusty Groove America (RIAA-free!)


Anonym hat gesagt…

The musical saw is alive and well today! I see the 'Saw Lady' often playing in NYC. Listen to her playing the saw:


Stas hat gesagt…

Yeah, I know about her, thanks though!

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