Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007


I hadn't really listened to Laibach for quite some time before I read on Said the Gramophone that a new album had been released in 2006. "Volk" consists solely of Laibach's versions of various national hymns plus the NSK hymn, which Said the Gramophone posted (be sure to pick that one up); it's more quiet than the previous records and better than WAT but still, Laibach aren't really discovering subtlety in their "messages", which thing they seem to have. I'm giving you two other tracks from the album.

Download Laibach - Germania (VBR, 5,49 mb)
Download Laibach - America (VBR, 6,86 mb)
Buy Laibach - Volk from Mute (Warning!! Mute belongs to EMI, which is a member of the RIAA. If you do not know what that is, read on them before you consider buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).

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