Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Reformation! Post-TLC

Speaking of The Fall, you should have heard that they have a new album out. Reformation! Post-TLC is already out in the UK, not yet out in the US (the US version is going to be different from the UK). For all of you out there who have no idea who The Fall are, imagine a weird mix of krautrock, rockabilly and post-punk plus a guy called Mark E. Smith, mostly in a very bad mood and making a sort of drunken appearance, more speaking than singing the often mixed-up, insanely poetic lyrics.

Add the John Peel description if you like, which says The Fall are "always different, always the same." Or better yet, listen to the song off the new album I'm giving you today.

Download The Fall - Reformation! (192 kbps, 10,1 mb)
Buy the UK version of The Fall - Reformation! Post-TLC from CD WOW! (Warning!! Slogan Records is a label of the Sanctuary Records Group, which is a member of the RIAA. If case you do not know what that is, read on them before you think of buying: Wikipedia; Boycott-RIAA.com).
Preorder the US version from Narnack Records (RIAA-free it seems).

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