Donnerstag, 1. März 2007

Tetchy Teenage Tapes

Sorry for not posting yesterday, an old friend of mine is here to visit me plus I seem to be a little sick, so there. More regular posts by the end of this week, but until then I'll still try and post once a day if I get to it.

Here for you are three tracks from The Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin 1981-85; this is not just a fancy name, it's actual recordings from when FK was 13 and such. So-called "idiot music" (hey! that's what that friend of mine and me wanted to make some years ago); some tracks are negligible, some are divinely stupid and sort of make you think of the young Andreas Dorau back when he did Fred from Jupiter or so.

Here's the text from Ski-pp:

"Felix Kubin's early works from debut80's. It's not 80's revival but a real collection of original low-fi Casio-Korg madness synthetized and performed by a german disturbed teenager ! Helped in his enterprise by his young brother and a couple of friends , involved in several projects like "die egozentrischen" and "x2" . . . . Felix Kubin , when he was 13 was not interested in Lowe and sweet serenade! Check out the dark side of the teen ! Visionary, amazing and playfull catalog of tracks !"

Do they still make 13 year olds like that?

Download Felix Kubin - Fernsehpropheten (192 vkbps, 4,57 mb)
Download Felix Kubin - Krematorien (192 kbps, 4,63 mb)
Download Felix Kubin - Japan Japan (192 kbps, 3,09 mb)
Buy The Tetchy Teenage Tapes Of Felix Kubin (1981-85) from A-Musik or Forced Exposure (RIAA-free!)

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