Samstag, 24. Februar 2007

Zvuki Mu

Art rockers Zvuki Mu and Pyotr Mamonov sure had their moments. They have gained unterground notoriety in Russia and at the end of the 80s they shortly attracted attention of the western audience along with other groups in what is called the "Russian Revolution" or the "Red Wave" and what is so much hated by me for exotism and stupid clichés; however, a self-titled album was produced and released by Brian Eno which, by the way, didn't turn out that remarkable at all (almost seems be a rule for late-80s Russian stuff recorded in the US or western Europe). But have a listen to this track here from 1992's Transnadezhnost'. A blend of art rock and post-punk primitivism; gotta love the synths and the vocals. Enjoy.

Download Zvuki Mu - Lyusya (192 kbps, 14,0 mb)
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