Freitag, 9. März 2007

Baikal Ice

A breathtaking field recording this is. Your feet start feeling cold from its first seconds on, and although the album is a slight bit unfocused, it does paint a beautiful picture. Peter Cusack, known both as a guitar improviser and a sound artist, here presents some results of his 2003's field trip to the Baikal lake when the ice was breaking, from what I can tell, completely unprocessed. Here you go.

Download Peter Cusack - Banging Holes In Ice (192 kbps, 1,33 mb)
Download Peter Cusack - Floating Icicles Rocked By Waves (192 kbps, 21,40 mb)
Download Peter Cusack - Coal Fired Generator (192 kbps, 2,28 mb)
Buy Peter Cusack - Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) from ReR (RIAA-free!)

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