Montag, 5. März 2007

He was eleven and I was fifteen

Once in a while you stumble upon an album that is so hopelessly deluded you wonder why nobody has told you about it yet and why the hell so few people know it in the first place. Marc Tucker's Batstew from 1975 is something like this. The whole album is based on and around Tucker's then-car The Bat and then-girlfriend Eva Bataszew; there are tracks based on the sounds of the car, there's a bunch of naive-sounding songs (including the gay anthem Sideways Love Forever), mixed with field recordings of the suburbs Tucker lived in (you can kind of feel the presence of his car even when it's not heard), speech samples, audio experiments. It's thrilling, scary and somehow haunting at once. Here are three tracks from it.

Download Mark Tucker - Sideways Love Forever (224 kbps, 6,70 mb)
Download Mark Tucker - I'm Nothing (224 kbps, 6,61 mb)
Download Mark Tucker - Submerged Bat Vortex (224 kbps, 22,70 mb)
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