Samstag, 3. März 2007

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Tribute albums are a terrible thing. Eberybody knows that. You get them because you like the band covered on it, and then you find out the cover versions suck. They do in most cases, anyway. Now, the Wire tribute entitled Whore seems to be somehow better; hey, it has a big name line-up: Band Of Susans, Lee Ranaldo (who seems to be keen of participating in tribute albums), My Bloody Valentine, Main and Bark Psychosis (with their cover version of Three Girls Rumba) are all on it. Indeed, although it's all not as exciting as the names would suggest at first, the record is kind of enjoyable. I give you three covers from it and the originals.

Download Bark Psychosis - Three Girls Rhumba (192 kbps, 6,38 mb)
Download Lee Ranaldo - Fragile (192 kbps, 1,47 mb)
Download Transformer - Outdoor Miner (192 kbps, 3,44 mb)
(I couldn't find any oppurtunity to buy Whore on the Internet; it was released by WMO).

Download Wire - Three Girls Rhumba (192 kbps, 1,90 mb)
Download Wire - Fragile (192 kbps, 1,78 mb)
Buy Wire - Pink Flag from Pinkflag (LP) or CDUniverse (CD) (RIAA-free!)

Download Wire - Outdoor Miner (160 kbps, 1,99 mb)

Buy Wire - Chairs Missing from Pinkflag (LP) or CDUniverse (CD) (RIAA-free!)

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