Sonntag, 4. März 2007

And speaking of sex change...

Yeah, speaking of sex change, Messer Chups, the Saint Petersburg-based "neo-easy listening" band that blends surf guitars with samples from Ed Wood's movies and the like, have released a new album in 2005, entitled Hyena Safari. Sadly, it shows a group that seems to be completely out of freshness, and the fact that the theremin that added much to their sound on previous albums is gone doesn't really help it either. I put out two tracks from it, Popcorno - the title says it - and a remake of Sex Change from 2000's Miss Libido. If you're really into stuff that sounds like a soundtrack to a bad car chase scene from a cheesy 50's b-movie, you'll probably get your kick out of it; otherwise, I also give you two tracks from the sort of more diverse Crazy Price plus a remix of Import-Export (from Black Black Magic) by People Like Us. Enjoy.

Download Messer Chups - Popcorno (VBR, 4,61 mb)
Download Messer Chups - Sex Change (VBR, 5,09 mb)
Pre-order Messer Chups - Hyena Safari on CDUniverse (the US version, out on April 17, it seems) (RIAA-free!)

Download Messer Chups - Sex Euro And Evils Pop (192 kbps, 4,02 mb)
Download Messer Chuos - Not Made In Japan (192 kbps, 3,22 mb)
Download Messer Chups - Import-Export (remix by People Like Us) (192 kbps, 4,76 mb)
Buy Messer Cgups - Crazy Price from CDUniverse (RIAA-free!)

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