Freitag, 30. März 2007


Folks, I know what you have been asking yourselves in the last days. I know you couldn't sleep, and, while lying awake in your bed, you were occupied by just one thought. One unsolved mystery that, you knew it, wouldn't let you be, wouldn't let you lead your life normally if it wouldn't be resolved eventually. And today, I am ready to present you the answer - yes, Antificial Weblog 2.0 is, in fact, back on track and new posts hopefully will come in at least once a day.

Today I give you something I found on a sampler called "Soviet Punk Rock Anthology". I couldn't manage to find out anything about the sampler, however, I knew the song from a Russian math/indie-rock band Tequilajazzz who played it at a concert later released as the Moloko live album. The band's leader, Yevgeniy Fyodorov, played in a band called Obyekt Nasmeshek in the 80's and the early 90's; in fact, all three members of the original Tequilajazzz line-up did at one point or another.

Apparently, they were influenced by the New Romantic phenomenon at the beginning, then turned to punk rock. Both things show on the track; it's a neat punk-pop song, and people who like The Clash, The Soft Boys or the Buzzcocks sure will enjoy it. It's also sweet how the singer obviously imitates Johnny Rotten. Have fun.

Download Obyekt Nasmeshek - Blyaha-Muha (VBR, 4,90 mb)
Buy a compilation called "Legendy Russkogo Roka" by Obyekt Nasmeshek from (RIAA-free!)

Download Tequilajazzz - Blyaha-Muha (VBR, 4,04 mb)
Buy Tequilajazz - Moloko from (RIAA-free!)

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