Montag, 2. April 2007

Man On Stilts

Shark Quest make instrumental music, heavy on guitars, banjo and mandolin plus sometimes strings; their sound is often referred to as soundtrack-like, although I really don't see that point. The music can, indeed, be working in the background, but for a soundtrack, it still isn't not "supportive" enough. Man On Stilts may not be exactly something you'd call an overwhelming record - depending on the mood, you might perceive it as either neat or just plain shallow - but it's worth a listen, and might be a fine record to wake up to. Two tracks off of it here today. Enjoy.

Download Shark Quest - Hugging Is Affecting China (192 kbps, 5,97 mb)
Download Shark Quest - Here Sparky (192 kbps, 8,33 mb)
Buy Shark Quest - Man On Stilts from Merge Records (RIAA-free!)

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